Thursday, 25 Feb 2021

Aluminum conductor composite core

Manufacturer: CTC Cable (U.S.A)
ACCCR conductor was invented by CTC Cable Corp. USA in 2004 which is a new technology for transmission of electricity in power network. These are high efficiency conductors, technically and economically alike, to upgrade existing as well as newly build the transmission lines. It is allowed to double current carrying capacity of the conductors without requiring any modifications in the existing pole systems because it keeps the weight and burden imposed on the pole systems and the sag of the line remain unchanged. As compared with the conventional ACSR conductor with the same outer diameter, it reduces 28% on weight, 35% on the power loss. No special tool is required for installation of ACCCR conductor. Therefore, since the appearance in 2004, ACCCR conductors have been widely used throughout the world in USA, EU, China, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia… with more than 23,000 km of conductor and 35,000 sets of accessories (as of February 2014)
CTC Cable can offer a variety range of ACCC Conductors with 35 standard sizes, from 150 sqmm to 1,400 sqmm cross section, each size of conductor corresponding to the appropriate set of accessories for customer’s choice.
VTD works as CTC Cable’s distributor of ACCCR conductor in Vietnam. We commits to provide customers with the genuine products and services for design, supply, installation, operation and warranty of ACCCR conductor projects.
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