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110KV ACCC Linh Trung – Thu Duc Bac Re-conductoring project

In early May 2015 VTD has combined with PCC2 and experts of CTC to successful installed and operated 110kV ACCC Linh Trung – Thu DucBac Re-conductoring Project. Customer is HV Power Network Company in HCMC.
You may know this is the first and pilot one in HCMC and the South of Vietnam. Its successful installation and operation would pave the way in this potential market.
Having carefully surveyed the line to be rehabilitated, we realized that the traditional dead-ending method on ground was not applicable because under the line is resident area, especially at position of tower no. 9, there is a container depot with hundreds of in-and-out vehicles per day. We therefore decided to apply dead-ending method on air. This is the first time we use this method for the whole project with some un-expected risk. The most difficult task was when we installed the span between tower (T) 9 and T41 without aerial platform. We placed pulling machine at T41 and braking machine at T9. Being pulled firstly to T41, the conductor was dead-ended and suspended into insulator-string to create the initial sag. After that the conductor was released from T41 and being pulled to T9 for making dead-end and creating final sag. This process was complicated and prolonged. It took 2 days to install 1 phase under strict supervision of CTC’s experts and our engineers in order to avoid bending of the conductors.
Realizing the difficulties we got in installation of the first phase, customer has provided us with aerial platform to ease the installation of the next phases. According to that, the conductor will be pulled to T41 to making dead-end and suspension. After that workers standing on the platform at T9 to make dead-end and create final sag without releasing from T41. This method cut-off installation time of one phase considerably. Moreover, it was safe for conductors. Of course it is applicable in case the aerial platform could approach to site and installation is under strict control of our engineers.
Witnessing the installation of ACCC conductors in this project, CTC’s representative, Mr. Koko from Indonesia has reported to its head-quarter that Vietnam could implement dead-ending method on air. This is our success to prove that Vietnamese skills to install ACCC conductors are equal to those of other countries in the world.
What is more important is customers in HCMC and the South believe in reliable installation and operation of our ACCC conductors in their re-conductoring projects.


Eng. Vu Quang Lam
EPD – VTD Co., Ltd
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