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Nho Quan - Thanh Hoa 220kV ACCC transmission line

   Nho Quan - Thanh Hoa 220kv Line is the second 220kv transmission line in Vietnam using ACCC conductor after the Pha Lai - Pho Noi - Hai Duong line and is one of the main power lines delivering electricity from Hoa Binh hydroelectric power plant to northern central provinces. The project was started on 27/2/2018 with a total length of 63km linking from Nho Quan 500kv station to Thanh Hoa 220kv station and receiving special attention from the investor - National Power Transmission Corporation (NPT) and the representative of the investor - Power Transmission Company 1. Due to the importance of the project, Vietnam Technique Development Co.,ltd – the company for supplying, guiding and installing - arranged 3 supervising teams with the help of KMI wire manufacturer, CTC Global Corp to closely control the installation process, thereby minimizing related problems.
   As soon as we surveyed the transmission line, we identified this as a project with complicated hilly terrain which is difficult to install. In particular, there are areas with a length that is more than 550m, which can easily lead to a slack. Moreover, this is a key project so the Power Construction No.1 JSC (the company for constructing and installing) arranged more than 10 teams spreading along the 63km line, and we had to arrange 3 teams to supervise.
   However, this project also had its own advantages as it was executed by Power Construction No. 1 JSC., which has the most experience in installing ACCC conductor. This is very important, it facilitates the construction process and avoids the risk for new construction units.
   After one and a half months of construction, the work was successfully completed on April 10, 2018 without any unfortunate incident. This helps the investor appreciate the ability of the VTD to guide and supervise the construction of the ACCC conductor, trust us to carry out the next ACCC conductor projects, which is the basis for success in ACCC conductor market in Vietnam.
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