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In the field of electrical equipment for transmission and distribution grids, VTD is the exclusive agent of Authentic  products of TRIDELTA/Germany, CTC Global/USA, Sangdong/Korea, Dynamic Ratings/ Australia, PLP/ Thailand, PPC/ Germany, Trench/ France… in addition, we also distribute primary equipment from major brands such as GE, Siemens, ABB, Cooper… They are big and profestional manufacturers in industry of primary equipment, transmission line equipment on transmission and distribution grids.

The products of these manufacturers are widely used on power grids of power transmission companies, power companies, hydro power plants, thermal power plants, and renewable energy power plants throughout the country from 24kV to 500kV and is highly appreciated by customers for its quality and operational reliability.

Current product lines:


Inventor: CTC GLOBAL (USA)


CTC Global/USA Group has successfully developed aluminum composite core conductor (ACCC) to replace traditional ACSR conductor. This is a particularly effective solution both technically and economically in the reconductoring and the replacement conductor projects of the transmision line as it allows the use of the existing tower system to increase the capacity by more than 2 times, without increasing of the weight of the conductor or load applied to the tower system. The sag of the line is also improved compared to the existing line due to the low thermal expansion coefficient of the composite core (1/12 times that of the steel core). Using ACCC conductors with the same weight as existing ACSR conductors reduces losses by 30% when operating at the same current (the amount of aluminum increases by 28% compared to existing ACSR conductors). The installation of ACCC conductor is fast, does not require special skills, reduces power outage time and does not require special installation tools and equipment compared to the existing capacity of construction companies in Vietnam …

Up to now, ACCC conductor has been present in over 60 countries with over 1,100 projects and more than 250 trusted customers. In Vietnam, there have been over 70 projects with more than 7,000 km of ACCC conductor installed.

The product range of ACCC conductor is very diverse, there are up to 35 types of conductor with sizes ranging from 150 mm2 to 1400 mm2. Corresponding to each type of conductor, the manufacturer has coded matching accessories so that customers have many more easy options to choose from.

Since 2020, manufacturer CTC Global has upgraded its ACCC conductor with a composite core version with 4 optical fibers inside (InfoCore). With this new type of ACCC conductor, we can check the quality of the conductor after installation to ensure the safety of the conductor before energizing.

VTD is the representative of CTC Global in Vietnam. We are committed to providing customers with products and services, design consulting, installation supervision by trained experts and Master Installer certificates issued by CTC Global, operation & warranty from the manufacturer.


Manufacturer: TRIDELTA (Germany)

Manufacturer Tridelta/Germany is a professional manufacturer about surge arrester with over 60 years of experience with high quality products that help to protect the substation and power transmission lines safely and reliably. For many years, Tridelta’s surge arrester have been widely used on Vietnam’s power grid and highly appreciated by operating engineers.

Tridelta’s surge arrester are very diverse with shells made from polymer or porcelain materials, with line discharge class from class 1 to class 5, and rated voltage from 1kV to 800kV to meet all customer’s requirements.

In addition, Tridelta also provides a surge counter with leakage current indicator DCC-M 2 so that users can check the operating status of the surge arrester. Furthermore, to meet customers’ requirements, in 2020 Tridelta developed the surge arrester monitor “smartCOUNT” to help to optimize the monitoring of surge arrester.

Products are manufactured according to ISO 9001, IEC 60099-4, IEC 60099-5 standards, easy to operate and maintain at competitive prices.

VTD is the exclusive agent of Tridelta in Vietnam. We are committed to providing customers with Authentic products from Tridelta/Germany at the most preferential prices and best service.


Manufacturer: Sangdong (Korea)

Sangdong/Korea is the manufacturer of 500kV, 220kV, 110kV substation accessories and line accessories for transmission grids with a full range of products such as: Connectors, aluminum tubes, fittings, and accessories for Lightning and grounding. Sangdong’s products have been widely used and confirmed their quality on Vietnam’s power grid.

VTD is the official agent of Sangdong/Korea in Vietnam. With a team of experienced engineers, we can support customers in design, volume analysis, product types and give the reasonable and optimal technical solutions for each project. For many years, VTD has distributed and developed products of Sangdong/Korean manufacturer in the Vietnamese market, highly appreciated by customers for their quality, delivery schedule, after-sales service…


Manufacturer: Preformed Line Products (PLP)

PLP is a global manufacturer of the line fitting for transmission lines and accessories for substations. In particular, in Vietnam, accessories for ACCC conductor are popular with quality that has been confirmed through many projects.

Popular products for ACCC conductor such as: Deadends, Mid-span splices, suspension clamps, repair sleeves and vibration dampers with all sizes suitable for all ACCC conductor range used on Vietnam’s power grid.


Manufacturer:Dynamic Ratings (Australia)

The reliability of the electricity system is a prerequisite for economic operation. For long-term substation equipment, online monitoring provides users with the ability to view real-time data showing the actual condition of the equipment, which can prevent power outages. out of the plan. This allows utilities to invest smarter in their equipment with their maintenance budgets and helps reduce catastrophic failures. Online monitoring solutions are becoming a trend to build maintenance programs based on equipment condition (Condition-based Maitenance – CBM).

Dynamic Ratings provides online monitoring solutions and services for units in the energy sector using medium and high voltage electrical equipment such as transformers, power cables, generators, and circuit breakers. These solutions help improve safety, reliability and extend lifespan based on assessment of the actual conditions of these devices. With more than 6,000 monitors installed worldwide, Dynamic Ratings prides itself on the quality and reliability of its solutions.

VTD Company is the representative of Dynamic Ratings company in Vietnam, providing products and services including:

  • Monitor transformers
  • DGA supervision
  • Regular monitoring
  • Partial discharge monitoring for medium voltage cabinets, generators, and motors
  • Monitor the cutting machine
  • Technical services and project management

Vietnam Technical Development Company Limited is a supplier of primary equipment such as: Circuit breakers, Disconnectors, current transformers, voltage transformers from leading manufacturers in the world such as: ABB, Siemens , GE.

With extensive experience in providing primary equipment for substations from 110kV to 500kV, VTD is trusted by the Power Companies and the Power Transmission Companies as well as large Manufacturers.

We are committed to providing customers with the best products and the most superior services to ensure the safest operation of the power grid!


PPC with factories in Germany, Romania and Slovakia provides products such as Post insulators for substations, industrial equipment… especially PPC provides the porcelain long rod insulator with or without RTV coating for the transmission line, this is an advanced technological solution, especially suitable for areas with high pollution, coastal areas…

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