Impressive and emotional – the 20th anniversary of VTD

On the evening of April 15, 2023, at JW Marriott Hotel (Hanoi), VTD celebrated the 20th anniversary of the company’s establishment. The event is a memorable night with impressive and emotional moments when VTD welcomes valued partners, customers, and precious friends to attend, have fun, and witness meaningful transitional moments on the brilliant development journey of VTD.

Contemporary dance performance by artists using dance art combined with stage effects to introduce the journey of establishment, development, conquering complex challenges, and achieving success of VTD is an impressive opening of the 20th Anniversary of VTD. The Celebration program immerses in those emotions to officially begin.

The story of the 20-year-old VTD’s journey is fully portrayed through the movie “VTD – 20 years of pioneering and creation” which was officially premiered at the event for the first time. Meticulously shot by the film crew, the film is an emotional story, recreating the history of VTD’s establishment and development, with the desire to help the staff, partners, and customers of the company together look back on the achievements VTD has accomplished, and at the same time, more firmly believe in future directions, and above all, the film is a journey for VTD’s collective to be proud.

At the ceremony, General Director Tran Tien Dat had many meaningful sharings, looking back on the past 20-year journey, and the future development orientations of VTD. He shared: “20 years is a journey that marks a lot of great efforts of many generations of VTD employees. A journey of choosing your own path – creating different values of VTD,…”

Also at the event, Mr. Dang Phan Tuong – Chairman of the Board of Directors of GVI Joint Stock Company represented partners and customers to sharing about VTD, the process of cooperating, and accompanying VTD to implement successful projects. According to him, VTD was given the right name, on the right path, and really chose its own path to develop. As a partner of VTD, he highly esteemed the vision, leadership direction of the Board of Directors, and the capacity of the VTD team. He also congratulated VTD on being 20 years old and looked forward to working together more closely in the future.

Established in 2003, after nearly 20 years of establishment and development, Vietnam Technical Development Company has become the gathering place of dedicated employees. On this occasion, VTD also took the time to thank and honor the employees who have always accompanied and devoted themselves to the development of the company – dedicated employees who are contributing to creating remarkable results for the development of VTD.

Before that, towards the 20th anniversary of its establishment, VTD organized a series of exciting activities, connecting the spirit and enriching the uniqueness of a rich corporate culture. In particular, the photo contest “VTD moment” received the participation of many VTD employees nationwide. Each photo is a message honoring the beauty of labor, the beauty of sharing, dedication, and the beauty of VTD people when working, and the beauty of construction projects implemented by VTD. Within the framework of the Celebration event, the Organizing Committee announced and awarded prizes to the winning authors and works of the contest.

VTD in 20 years old – 20 years of the firm in belief in providing the best values to customers and the community, a journey of creating and nurturing a team that is technically, professionally, responsible, proactive, and dedicated to customers and partners. And on that journey, there is a really unique mark of the will and leadership direction of the leader that helps VTD overcome difficulties and conquer successes.

At VTD, the success achieved today is built from the mission, vision, and values that have been inherited and promoted deeply through generations of leaders and employees. On the occasion of VTD’s 20th anniversary, VTD made a meaningful generational transfer between General Director Tran Tien Dat and New General Director Nguyen Ngoc Tung – former Deputy General Director of the company. This transfer becomes more meaningful when affirming the value of VTD’s corporate culture when focusing on building and cultivating the leadership team and successor personnel to ensure the development of inheritance. At the same time, this is also a worthy recognition and reward for the trust that has been strengthening, expressed in many aspects.

This is also a memorable highlight of the 20th Anniversary of VTD.

General Director Tran Tien Dat is the captain of VTD with 20 years of building and sailing the VTD boat on the journey to sail to the big sea, he has built an image of VTD that respects its prestige, commits to trust, and maintains its firm position for the past 20 years in the hearts of partners and customers and passing on that operating principle to the next team.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Tung will officially take over the leadership of VTD as General Director. With his youth, creativity, and will, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Tung will continue to promote the values of transparency, marketability, and responsibility and will lead VTD as well as lead VTD to become a leading brand in an increasingly vibrant and competitive market.

New General Director Nguyen Ngoc Tung had his first share in his new position.He affirmed his belief in the inherent values of VTD, and at the same time expressed his gratitude and recognition of the Board of Directors of the company. He also shared about the journey of choosing to accompany VTD for the past 16 years, and the development orientations of VTD in the future.

Congratulations to VTD, the General Director Tran Tien Dat, the new General Director Nguyen Ngoc Tung, and the meaningful transfer. Wish VTD a new, creative, growing, prosperous, and constantly reaching future. Wishing the members of the Board of Directors to always be steadfast, persistent, and successful.

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